Life: A Journey Untill End

Life is a journey they say which goes on till end. But does this life really ends after the end of this physical existence. Yes?  No?
Well everyone has their own ideology and perception about it, my ideology says that may be our physical existence ends someday in someway for a reason but the act and the deeds of us remains still and alive in this place. Sometimes good and sometimes bad imprints we leave behind our expiry. Whether good or bad is not in our control because what is good according to us may not be necessarily accepted the same way by others.
In this life long we have many short journeys with innumerable destinations, bends, ends with new start. We meet people. We leave people. We dream. We construct. We destruct. We fall. We rise. Sometimes we live memories and other times we leave memories…but life goes on. But the question is in this unlimited roller coaster of success, life, failure, emotions, loss etc how much we live? Actually we forget in moving, falling and standing up so much that we usually forget that the life is to be lived. Don’t you think survival is too mainstream?  😉  Surviving is easy, everyone does that. Have you ever tried living? Ever tried laughing till your stomach hurts? No you never tried but you actually did when you were a toddler. ❤
Living is simple. Living is easy. See a kid while he laughs without care, when he runs without fear.The thing is we are so busy in chasing the unworthy things that we forget to live. Yes it’s unworthy, because you’re running after it like a puppet just to please this world and losing your own pleasure of living.
Chasing dream is fine but won’t it be more fun if you do it for yourself, laugh loud but not for hiding the pain but because you are really happy. 🙂

Chase the dream; but live the reality..




Time Changes

Although I travelled so far,
But still a part stuck there.
It stayed there ‘cos it waited
or ‘cos it was that moment’s
An unusual chaos,
some distress
claims that ’twas moment’s
The pain in euphoria,
The happiness behind distress,
speaking in numerous way,
Survived the adversity.
Overcame and lived.
Laughed loud.
Mocked the life.
“Now it’s my turn” life says.
Again in distress,
but neither helpless,
nor hapless.
Bcos not distressed,
but definitely strengthened.