Sometimes we are so lost in the brightness of the world that we are unable to see the valuable and most precious things.
We often forget that all that glitters is not gold. No matter how many times you paint the silver, it will never turn into gold. Similarly, while being lost in the illusion of this bright world we often leave behind many things which actually mean to us.
In making money and to attain luxury we leave our people, for being pragmatic we forget emotions and become a mere puppet, we keep working 24*7 hours and remark that “change is the need of the hour”. But is it really worthy? Do we really stay happy with this change? Do we enjoy the hefty of bank balance saved? Actually we don’t want to answer these questions, the reason is we know that the only answer to it is NO, and the reality is we are so trapped in this that inspite of many trials and wishes we are unable to come out of it.
We want to stay comfortable inside the room with air conditioner without bothering that it’s effects causing harm to the outside environment.
We want to have costly designer attire but we are never concerned about the soul.
What’s the point on living such life? Is it really a life or an alive body with dead soul causing harm to the nature,soul,emotions? 
Why despite knowing and understand everything, why are we so lost?
Don’t let this fake brightness to lead your soul to the darkness. Enlighten your soul and live this beautiful life.




*Two Persons*
Person 1: I am going through depression.
Person 2: There is nothing like depression.
P1: But I am going through it.
P2: It’s just a state of mind. Cope up with it.
P1: It feels like drowning.
P2: Are you sick? Go and get some fresh air.
P1: I think I need to consult a psychiatrist.
P2: You’re not mad. Right? Try to be positive everything will be fine.
P1: I need counselling.
P2: Tell me. I am listening.
P1: I am going through depression.
P2: There is no such thing.
P1: It feels like suffocating.
P2: Try hobbies.
P1: I am unable to sleep, eat, think, and breath. Please help me I am drowning.
P2: ….
P1: Help me……
P2: ……
P1: Help….
P2: ….
P2: He was a coward.
P2: It’s too gloomy without him. It feels like drowning.
P2: I am suffocating.
P2: Why is it feeling so?
P2: Why am I unable to eat, sleep, breath and live.
P2: Do I need counselling?
P2: Do I need a psychiatrist? But I ain’t mad.
P2: Am I going through depression?
P2 : someone please help…………

It’s a conversation full of negativity but it’s the truth that we as society, is unable accept depression as a serious issue; and rather helping the depressed the person we tag him/her as a coward.