Infinite Love

She was so much in love with him that she forgot about herself, it was a pure, selfless and unconditional love.

One fine day while talking over phone he teased her about the girls who used to chased him. She got angry and disconnected the call. Just like her he was also madly in love with her and couldn’t bear a single drop tear in her eyes…..
So, as soon as she disconnected the call, he left for her place, he reached there in twenty minutes and knocked the door. She knew it was him so she took a while in opening the door and when she opened it, she turned away and started walking towards the living room while peeping him through the corner of her eyes and hiding her ecstasy behind her fake anger. He overtook her and stood infront of her folding his hands; but now she couldn’t hide her happiness which her heart felt and  also couldn’t hide the pain that how much she missed on those twenty minutes. He wiped her tears and gently hugged her and said “Sorry”. She hugged him even more tight and said,”Please never ever leave me alone”. He said,”first you promise me you will never ever cry again”.
She smiled, they giggled and this sacred, never ending pure love never ended…