Khwab Ki Talash

Chalo aaj ek safar ki…
shuruwat karte hain.
Kho gayi hain jo manzil,
unki talash karte hain.
Kuch murjhaye khwabon ko,
Kuch soyi khwashon ko,
Ek nayi subah se
gulzaar karte hain.
Kho gayi thi jo…
kayi uljhano me,
Kuch rasmo-riwaazon me.
Tadap rahi hain jo
qaid parindey ki tarah zamane se,
Aaj unhe udne ki ijazat dete hain.
Chalo aaj ek shuruwat karte hain.
Kho gayi hain jo manzil
unki talash karte hain.


Living Insanely

Never try to find the reasoning behind the magic which changes you  and brings awesomeness in you,  you may find it so soothing and beautiful like the aroma of first rain. Once you find the logic you will lose the enthusiasm. The way you’re living in finding the meaning of your life, though everyone knows there is no meaning of life; it is just to be lived breaking all the unwarranted boundaries just to grab the opportunity waiting for you on the other side. Sometimes it may be seem as madness and illogical to others but what’s in being sane whole life; to be a crazy dreamer and an achiever is what life is meant to be. And this achievement is not less than the coolness which can be felt under the shadow of a tree in a hot summer day.


Waqt sambhal lega dheere-dheere,
zara ise waqt to do.
Kabhi to le jayega kisi kinaare,
Zara ise sambhalne to do.
Waqt be-waqt,
mushkilo ko to aana hai he,
Inke sath dhalna hame,
seekhna to hai he.
Zindagi hai
khatte-meethe baato ki.
Kuch uljhe kuch suljhe
halaato ki.
Chalta reh aye pathik, rukna nahi.
Kisi k sath k intezaar me, jhukna nahi.
Aana-jana to dastoor hai zindagi ki,
Hum hain aaj yaha, to kal kahi nahi.
Bas chalta ja muskaan liye tu,
Bas badhta ja hausle k sath tu,
Ki muskuraye hausle liye sab…
Tere sath bhi,
Tere baad baad bhi….

Weird Imagination

Sometimes I wonder what would happen if I wake up in the midnight and realise that everything happening to me is an illusion…the night is “a night with a feel of hottest day of summer with moon”, this home is not home but a left empty house where no one lives except me; everywhere it’s barren land with no plants and people at all ; a haunting loud silence with a sense of dryness in the air leaving my throat shrivelled and nose bleeding.
This send chills to my spine 😦
And then I stop wondering about it. -_-

Dream and Passion

Let the dreams to flourish inside you.
Let the passion be your companion, grasp it.
Let the determination be followed with
Let the pragmatism be balanced with emotions.
Let the life be more crisp.
Keep dreaming, keep living. 🙂

Living And Dreaming

Let me live for a while,
Before the fading of the smile.

Let me be ME for a while,
Before the mourning of this life.

A life so unpredictable,
sometimes wavy, other times stable.

Burning desire of realising dream,
worth chasing now it seems.

Let me dream for a while,
Before the sleeping of this life.


Love life, live
Don’t just survive.

Be A Learner!

I have always considered myself as a learner no matter what I do, whether if it’s teaching someone, working for any person, meeting a stranger or anything else. I always tried to perform it with the expectation of result of my performance. Most of the times I failed and fell but I never stopped considering each and every scenarion of my life (till now) as learning stage and will keep doing the same.
Life is like that, just do everything with the motto of learning something new; consider each day as a performance and try to be a good performer, try to be a perfectionist although we know perfection lies nowhere but we can definitely achieve a better version of ourselve in the way of achieving perfection.

Miserable Or Misundertood?

“Oh! Finally it’s night, now I don’t have to face anyone, I can easily hide in this darkness from all those questions of people which I have to face everyday” this is the thought which crepts in every night, in every mind which is facing a sort of miserable situation of this beautiful life. But how long will you keep running
away from this? Oh sorry I must not give any boring lecture to be positive and wait for the right time with hope bla bla bla….
But don’t you think we have misunderstand this miserable part of our life? Oh yes, look at yourself…you’re hiding in the dark of the night but didn’t you ever realise that night has it’s own beauty, I mean look at it, it has a beautiful moon and twinkling stars, soothing cold wind in summer night;
and yes the night of our life is also craving for it’s beauty. Beautiful smile of you like the moon, stars like twinkling eyes and pleasing words like the soothing cold wind to spread the dark beauty of your life.
Don’t misunderstand the miserable. Beauty is everywhere, even in the darkest night; it just needs a positive outlook. 🙂


Unseen Blessing

sometimes you need to come out of the place about which you have been kept complaining.
In order to understand that something which is seemingly unworthy to you is actually a
blessing in disguise, which could have been even worse.


Wake Up Call!

Give yourself a wake up call. 
You may be going through the worst and may be because of that it is not easy to welcome every morning with same adversities and chaos of life. So if it’s that difficult to welcome then “what’s the need of welcoming them?”
Just give yourself a “wake up call”.
Be strong and take a decision and stay dedicated to it as we everyone knows “it’s never too late”.
You might have already wasted your precious time in wasteful things.
Just take deep breath and be hopeful.
Believe in yourself. 🙂

Live Life Don’t Just Breathe !!!