Life And Adversity

Sometimes things change and people distant themselves from us, it’s not because they wanna get rid but because this is what the time demands from you so that you can have some time of your’s for yourself and learn to be self reliable in all aspects. It’s not like you’re alone but you are with yourself. You’re with your own thoughts try to make it a positive one, you’re with your own actions try to make it worth appreciating, you are with your own words try to make it worth listening. This is because some people might have surely distant themselves from you but still you’re surrounded with many more people who are waiting to be a part of your life. No don’t rely upon them but let them rely upon because your going to be more strong and a great example of a person full of wisdom who will conquer all sorts of upcoming adversities.




*Two Persons*
Person 1: I am going through depression.
Person 2: There is nothing like depression.
P1: But I am going through it.
P2: It’s just a state of mind. Cope up with it.
P1: It feels like drowning.
P2: Are you sick? Go and get some fresh air.
P1: I think I need to consult a psychiatrist.
P2: You’re not mad. Right? Try to be positive everything will be fine.
P1: I need counselling.
P2: Tell me. I am listening.
P1: I am going through depression.
P2: There is no such thing.
P1: It feels like suffocating.
P2: Try hobbies.
P1: I am unable to sleep, eat, think, and breath. Please help me I am drowning.
P2: ….
P1: Help me……
P2: ……
P1: Help….
P2: ….
P2: He was a coward.
P2: It’s too gloomy without him. It feels like drowning.
P2: I am suffocating.
P2: Why is it feeling so?
P2: Why am I unable to eat, sleep, breath and live.
P2: Do I need counselling?
P2: Do I need a psychiatrist? But I ain’t mad.
P2: Am I going through depression?
P2 : someone please help…………

It’s a conversation full of negativity but it’s the truth that we as society, is unable accept depression as a serious issue; and rather helping the depressed the person we tag him/her as a coward.