Miserable Or Misundertood?

“Oh! Finally it’s night, now I don’t have to face anyone, I can easily hide in this darkness from all those questions of people which I have to face everyday” this is the thought which crepts in every night, in every mind which is facing a sort of miserable situation of this beautiful life. But how long will you keep running
away from this? Oh sorry I must not give any boring lecture to be positive and wait for the right time with hope bla bla bla….
But don’t you think we have misunderstand this miserable part of our life? Oh yes, look at yourself…you’re hiding in the dark of the night but didn’t you ever realise that night has it’s own beauty, I mean look at it, it has a beautiful moon and twinkling stars, soothing cold wind in summer night;
and yes the night of our life is also craving for it’s beauty. Beautiful smile of you like the moon, stars like twinkling eyes and pleasing words like the soothing cold wind to spread the dark beauty of your life.
Don’t misunderstand the miserable. Beauty is everywhere, even in the darkest night; it just needs a positive outlook. 🙂



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