Mind and Heart.

Heart: Why do you behave so awkward with some people?
Mind: B’cos they’ve hurt you.
H: Oh come on, they haven’t hurt me. They’ve just dissappointed me.
M: Oh really? Then you must hate them.
H: But why should I hate? I loved them right? And where there is love, there is no hatred.
M : Are you crazy? Just be practical.
H: Practicality is what I don’t know. I just know to feel whether it’s love hatred.
M: So why don’t you hate those people who have disappointed you?
H: Because this is what I was taught. I love those who come upto my expectation, this is something which you also do. Right? But loving people despite of being hated and getting disappointed is what I do and you can’t. This is called true love, love beyond conditions and expectations.
M: Hmmm….